Session 1

In silico and in vitro models for simulating cardiac disease and interventions

November 29th 


All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST) 

14:10                Greetings, introduction to workshop and logistics

Part 1            Panel on in silico and in vitro models for testing  cardiac                                     devices - challenges and opportunities

14:15                 Speaker 1: Ellen Roche, MIT

14:30                Speaker 2: Mirko Meboldt and Marianne Schmid Daners,

                        ETH, Zurich

14:45                Speaker 3: Christopher Nguyen, MGH

15:00                Q&A for panel

Part 2          Interactive exhibit session for in silico and in vitro testbeds

   1.                  A biohybrid heart model with enhanced biomimicry

   2.                Computational modeling in cardiovascular research 

   3.                 Circulatory simulator for single ventricle physiology

   4.                An aortic constriction device to model cardiac disease

   5.                Ex vivo models of valvular dysfunction

   7.                Hemodynamic cardiac simulators

Innovation Challenge Physician challenge with online submissions and                                            spot prices. Click on the upload button to                                                          share your submission

   6.                MRI compatible models

16:10 - 16:20                Coffee break, networking

November 29th 


Session 2

Interventions for cardiac disease using soft robotics

All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST) 

16:20                Greetings, introduction to workshop and logistics

Part 1           Panel on cardiac assist devices and total artificial hearts

16:25                Johannes T.B. Overvelde, AMOLF

16:40                John Criscione, Texas AMU

16:55                Mossab Saeed, Boston Children's Hospital

17:10                Q&A for panel

Part 2           Panel on intracardiac devices

17:30                Bobak Mosadegh, Weill Cornell Medicine

17:45                Simon Dunham, Weill Cornell Medicine

18:00               Q&A for panel

18:15                 Closing comments